ToMA 5-pack of 9.5-inch drawstring glass straw bags natural jute with ToMA logo


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      Offering glass straws as gifts or party favors? Our 10-inch drawstring glass straw gift bags in natural jute are a perfect fit for our 9-inch glass straws. Each bag can hold a maximum of three 9-inch glass straws, but most people choose to place one straw in each bag, with an optional cleaning brush. (Get either 5 cleaning brushes or 25 cleaning brushes.)

      This 5-pack is convenient if you're planning to give just a few gifts from the straws in your 25-pack of 9-inch straws. If you're giving away all 25 straws in your 25-pack as individual gifts, simply order five of these 5-packs.

      These natural jute bags with a drawstring closure feature our ToMA logo on one side only. Ideal for carrying a glass straw to use at work, at the gym, in bars or restaurants. 

      Thank you so much for giving glass straws and spreading #glassstrawlove! 

      We ship all orders within 3 business days. 


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