7 Reasons to Choose Glass Straws For Your Restaurant or Bar

Young Asian woman bartender preparing cocktails at a bar. Two drinks with glass straws. Barware.

Contemplating straw options? 

Switching to glass straws is a simple, low-cost way to upgrade your establishment, elevate your events, and delight your guests.

They add value to both your craft cocktails and your alcohol-free drinks.

In addition to being beautiful and reusable, glass straws are a practical choice for restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, and event venues for a variety of reasons.

In particular, ToMA glass straws are:

🗹 Durable - Made from laboratory-grade borosilicate glass, they're much stronger than your stemware. Watch a fun 20-second drumming(!) video showing just how strong they are.

🗹 Dishwasher-safe - Just pop them into the dishwasher with your flatware and glassware. Because glass straws are transparent, it's easy for you (and your guests) to see that they are clean.

🗹 Affordable - At around a dollar a straw, and with an average minimum of 40 uses each, glass straws are an economical option. 

🗹 Compact - You'll free up space that is currently filled with boxes of straws.

🗹 Comfortable - Glass is a natural insulator, meaning it eliminates the discomfort of tooth sensitivity while sipping hot or iced beverages.

🗹 Customer-friendly -  Offer your guests a beautiful, sparkling-clean glass straw they'll love, and they'll be sure to tell others about it.  

🗹 Newsworthy - Glass straws for businesses and events are new and newsworthy. Your restaurant, bar, hotel, cafe, or event venue can get positive publicity for choosing reusable glass straws.

And here's #8: Glass straws are a powerful marketing tool. 

Creative business owners are using ToMA glass straws to get publicity, increase sales, and inspire customer loyalty.

Here are 3 ways to use glass straws to market your business and boost your bottom line:

1) Get publicity. Get a feature story for your decision to go with reusable glass straws. Showcase the straws in your social media, email promotions, and other marketing campaigns. Build trust in your business and maybe even earn recognition for your efforts to be more sustainable.

2) Promote your premium cocktails or mocktails. Get started with glass straws by offering them with your high-end drinks only. Some businesses are actually giving away a glass straw with the premium cocktail they are promoting (and that they have priced accordingly.)

3) Make glass straws your signature gift. Consider glass straws as a marketing expense. Offer them as gifts to guests at your events. Give one with the first cocktail ordered post-happy hour.  You can even sell them to raise funds for a favorite cause. Do something unexpected and memorable, and get people raving about your business.

​Of course​, you can use (and repeatedly reuse) your glass straws in your beverages without making them part of any sort of promotion or gift.

If you're looking for a way to show your guests that you care about both the environment and their experience, going with glass straws is the smart and elegant solution.