Boost Your Sales by Adding Glass Straws to Your Restaurant or Bar




Our straws are an easy, low-cost and luxurious addition to any restaurant or bar.

So, how do you present the straws to your customers? 

It can be as simple as placing our clear 9 inch straw in a water glass or choosing a luxury colored 6 inch straw to highlight a signature cocktail in a high ball.

Bar and restaurant owners have told us that our straws add a depth to the experience to each meal or drink that a customer enjoys. 

Take it from Andre Jehan, the owner of Schmizza Public House in Hillsboro, OR who says: 

“Switching to glass straws was one of the best decisions I ever made for my restaurant. Customers love them and we earned two green business leader awards thanks to the straws and other measures we’ve taken to reduce waste.” 

We offer engraved customization of the straws so they are perfect to set your restaurant or bar apart from others.

By offering each customer a glass straw with a customized logo you help enhance you brand and offer a upscale experience at the same time. 

We also offer gift boxes so you can offer your customized straws to customers at checkout, so don't miss an opportunity to up sale your brand and at the same time give your customers a eco friendly alternative to  plastic straws. 

For restaurant and bar owners we are offering a 25% discount on each order so contact us today at and lets talk about setting up a business account with us. 

We look forward to hearing about the tremendous experience your customers will get from drinking from a ToMA Straw.