Reviews from ToMA Customers


We love hearing from happy customers! 

Below are a few comments we have received in the last few months 

¨I am so glad I ordered straws! We have been bringing straws with us everywhere now that we can go out to restaurants and cafes. There are five in our family--mom, dad, and three teenagers--and everyone makes sure to bring a few straws with them. Our friends are really happy when we offer straws for them to use!¨  Sarah in Fort Collins


"I ordered a 25-pack in February, and wasn't sure how I would use all the straws. I've been doing grocery runs for the older people in my building. I gave one as a gift to each of my neighbors when I brought their groceries. They really got a kick out of them!"    Corinne in San Francisco


"We ordered 50 straws for my daughter's bridal shower that has been cancelled. We bundled the straws in sets of 5, wrapped them with ribbon, and put them on our neighbors' doorsteps. We added a recipe for our daughter's favorite smoothie and a note that said, 'Sip to your good health!' It was a fun way to reach out and let them know we care."  Marie in Walla Walla 


¨Just wanted to say thanks. My experience with you and your straws has been fantastic, and I will be telling folks all about it. Keep up the good work!¨

Jeffrey in Alexandria 


¨As you know, I wasn´t sure these would work for us. Things get pretty crazy in our restaurant! But these wash up well, guests love them, and we haven´t had a single broken straw this first month.¨

Rosanna in Montclair


¨Definitely exceeded our expectations. The guests loved the straws, and we will recommend them for future events.¨ 

Alana in Houston


"My daughter and I made pouches for the straws and sold the sets at our church fundraiser. They sold really well!" 

Brianne in Iowa City


"I gave glass straws to my co-workers as gifts. They were a huge hit! I love the colors and how easy they are to clean by tossing them into the dishwasher."

Melanie in Palmer


"I ordered these for my five granddaughters (ages 10-17). They loved them!"

Linda in Redondo Beach


"I read about you in the paper. Our church decided to order 200 to sell as a fundraiser. People really like them. Thank you!" 

Barbara in Tulsa


"Our clients loved their glass straws. So glad we chose these as our end-of-year gifts." 

Lacey in Denver


"Both my clients and their guests were delighted with the straws as party favors." 

Laura in San Francisco 


"The women at my yoga retreat just loved these straws. I will be ordering more for other events!" 

Kristi in West Palm Beach


"Your recommendation was perfect. Thanks for helping me pick the right straws for this event!" 

Leslie in Raleigh


"The straws definitely raised the level of our cocktails. Big hit with customers!"

Jess in San Diego


"Just wanted to let you know that my daughter and her friends loved the straws. They're all about saving the sea turtles." 

Rhonda in Seattle


"The straws were the favorite item in the gift bags. Thanks for the easy win!"

Prentiss in Atlanta


"I'm giving these out to all of our employees. Appreciate your excellent prices and the donations you make to good causes." 

Terry in Boise


"Thanks for suggesting the Party Pack. It's been fun to experiment with the different colors and sizes in our craft cocktails." 

Brenna in Longmont