Will ToMA glass straws get stolen by customers?

 As a retail business owner, you know there is always the risk of theft. Initially, glass straws may attract the attention of those who might consider taking one. However, our experience has shown that as the novelty wears off, loss becomes less of a risk.

There are some creative ways to prevent and reduce loss. One busy restaurant is offering the straws to their customers at cost: before tallying the bill, they simply ask the guests if they would like to purchase the straws in their drinks. Some businesses choose to consider their straws as a marketing cost, and give their straws away with their premium cocktails, as gifts for event attendees, or as promotional items in other ways. 

But by far the most common way to deal with theft is to simply expect that some will happen. In our tests, we found that having servers point out that the business is choosing to go with a reusable option that customers love keeps more straws in glasses. Tip: Don´t say, ¨We´ve switched to glass straws. Hope you like them!" This is too easily misinterpreted as an invitation to take them home. 

Restaurant and bar owners tell us that offering beautiful, reusable glass straws to their customers brings benefits that are well worth the risk of occasional loss. Their re-orders are proof that they're having success switching to glass!