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Transform your events into sophisticated and memorable experiences.

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Elevate the Customer Experience

ToMA’s beautiful glass straws help make your event or venue one to remember.  It’s a competitive space and you want to offer your event attendees a memorable and unique experience.

Customizable & Branded Party Favors

Wedding parties and corporate events alike can express themselves with personalized messages and branding on a wide variety of beautiful colored straws, giving event hosts and their guests a memento to take home with them.

Perfect for Today’s Sustainable Minded Events

Single-use plastics never break down completely, instead degrading and becoming microplastics that wreak havoc on wildlife and the environment. Glass straws provide a more sustainable solution than any other type of straw. Offering an environmentally friendly, sustainable choice like ToMA Straws is an absolute must for contemporary event & venue hosts.

Breakage Resistant & Ready to Take Home

These straws are ideal for events and the (inevitable) tipsy attendees. ToMA straws are made from borosilicate glass meaning they are incredibly break resistant. And when event attendees are ready to take their straws home with them, they can rest easy knowing that ToMA glass straws handle extreme cold and heat (from -40 F° to 392 F°) and are safe in a dishwasher, microwave and freezer.

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“ToMA Straws gives our event clients a unique way of transforming their events into sophisticated and memorable experiences.”

Ashley Coffin, Owner, The Local Event Co

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