Personalized & Branded Straws

We offer a variety of personalized and branded straw choices to suit every need!  Let us know some more details and we can make the straws perfectly customized for your event or business.

Cheyenne Galbraith
Chef & Owner, Houndstooth

We are loving our straws, and will be lifetime users for sure. Our guests are so inerested and wowed by them! We are really impressed by how durable they are.

Andre Jehan
Owner, Schmizza Public House

Switching to glass straws was one of the best decisions I ever made for my restaurant. Customers love them, and we have earned two Green Business Leader Awards thanks to the straws and other measures we’ve taken to reduce waste.

Daniela Joggi
HR Director, MineralTree

We ordered branded glass Mason jars, so your straws go perfectly with them! We gave the combination to our employees on employee appreciation day.