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We’re Part of a Trend Toward Reduced-Waste Weddings, Engagement Parties, & Bridal Showers

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One of the newest trends for weddings and related events is choosing to reduce waste. From recycling flowers for another event to donating leftover food, there are many simple ways to make weddings and other social events more sustainable.

Happily for us, choosing to use glass straws to enhance signature drinks and add an element of surprise to the table is part of this growing trend! We’re delighted to provide our reusable straws to engaged couples and their wedding planners.

Glass straws add elegance to signature cocktails, and make unique and memorable eco-friendly wedding favors for guests. We offer drawstring bags in several colors of velveteen to make it easy to give glass straws as party favors.

We love seeing how creatively our straws are presented to event guests! From tying them with a velvet ribbon to slipping them into custom-printed chopstick sleeves, glass straws can be given in ways that match your theme and fit your style perfectly. For green-minded brides and grooms, giving guests an easy way to reduce their own personal consumption of single-use plastic is a meaningful mission.

For informal weddings, some couples choose to put a glass jar filled with glass straws on each table with a sign that says something like, “Sip, Sip, Hooray!” and a little note making it clear that the straws are a gift for each guest to take home. (They’re easy to slip into suit pockets or clutches!)

For engagement parties, bridal showers, bridal party events, and other wedding gatherings, our glass straws add luxury to every sip. Serve your bridesmaids a glass of rosé with a lovely straw as they celebrate during your bachelorette party. They’ll love the smooth elegance of glass, and appreciate having the glass straws (and the accompanying velveteen gift bags) to use at home, work, and elsewhere.

Hosting brunch the day after the wedding? Serve mimosas or mocktails to your guests with a beautiful glass straw as a parting gift.

Whether you’re planning an event for 25, 250, or more than 1000 attendees, we can provide beautiful and reusable glass straws your guests will love.

Need help deciding which straws are best for your celebration and the beverages you plan to serve? Contact us at

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