Giving Sustainable Christmas Gifts? Add Glass Straws for Easy WOW

Posted on November 23 2019

Photo of three ToMA glass straws in artisanal amber on textured carpet with small white porcelain elephant planter with succulent.

Now, here's a "white elephant" gift we can get behind! This cute little white elephant planter with a succulent - and a trio of our 9-inch glass straws in artisanal amber - makes a perfect no-hassle, affordable, and delightful gift that is eco-friendly, personal, and provides an experience rather than just stuff. The little plant and planter will make them smile every time they see it, and the straws will add a little luxury to every sip they take (and reduce the waste of single-use straws.) 

If you're aiming for a zero-waste lifestyle yourself and a low-waste holiday, keep your gifts natural, reusable, and recyclable. Offer a plant in a whimsical planter, and pick out a few straws to add. Or, choose a meaningful mug and a couple of straws. (Sipping hot tea through a straw feels decidedly luxurious, won't burn your lips, and reduces tooth sensitivity discomfort by preventing the hot liquid from coming into contact with your front teeth.) 

Giving holiday gifts doesn't have to be stressful, and it doesn't have to add to the landfill. Think green, focus on simplicity, and create a thoughtful gift that actually reduces waste and won't bust your budget. 




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