Can Glass Straws be Used in Hot Drinks?

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Most people think about glass straws for cocktails, juices, or other cold beverages. But using glass straws in hot drinks is also a luxurious sipping experience!

Because glass is a natural insulator, your mouth is more protected from the steaming hot tea or coffee. This can reduce the discomfort of tooth and gum sensitivity that often happens when hot liquid is in contact with front teeth. In addition to the undeniable beauty of a glass straw, there’s just something really soothing about sipping tea this way.

Maybe it’s the soft clink of glass on glass (or ceramic). Maybe it’s the visible flow of the liquid through the glass straw. Or maybe it just feels fancy to sip your regular coffee or tea through an elegant straw!

If you love black tea or coffee, a glass straw is especially beneficial, as it protects your front teeth from staining. Especially if you’ve recently had your teeth bleached, you’ll know that every sip of coffee, tea, or red wine shows up on your pearly whites! Our glass straws are dentist-recommended and laboratory-tested for safety.

If your favorite way to start the day is with hot lemon water, a glass straw is the perfect way to protect your tooth enamel. One customer even wrote to tell us that using a glass straw with her hot lemon-ginger tea to combat her sore throat was a soothing way to convalesce from a cold.

Try slipping a glass straw into your hot drinks, and see for yourself how it transforms the experience.

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