Oprah (Yes, Oprah!) Adds Glass Straws to Her Favorite Things Gift Guide 2019

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“YOU get a glass straw! YOU get a glass straw! EVERYBODY gets a glass straw!”

Okay, Oprah isn’t giving away glass straws, but she is recommending them in not one, not two, but THREE of her gift guides for 2019, including her famous Favorite Things holiday gift list.

Oprah herself is a fan of glass straws, along with many other celebrities, including Ralph Lauren, Emma Watson, and Ayesha Curry. Why do these celebrities love glass straws? Two reasons: they’re a great reusable alternative to single-use straws, and they add luxury and style to every sip

Even many of those who used to swear by their metal straws are now switching to glass for hygiene reasons. Glass straws come out of the dishwasher visibly sparkling clean inside and out, whereas metal straws can hide residue inside, especially if they’re bent. In addition, many people dislike the metallic taste of metal straws, so glass (which is completely flavor-free) offers a purity of taste that metal simply can’t.

Plus, it’s great knowing that glass straws are actually recommended by dentists for those with sensitive teeth and gums. You see, glass is a natural insulator, so unlike metal straws, glass straws can reduce the discomfort of contact with hot or cold beverages against teeth and gums.

Oprah may not be handing out glass straws, but we’re very happy she’s on board the glass straw train.

Looking for great holiday gifts that won’t bust your budget? Get a pack of glass straws and share them with friends and family! It’s a beautiful way to be generous and reduce waste. You’ll be inspiring others to consider their consumption, and every time they use their straws, they’ll be spreading awareness.

We love how that works. 🙂

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