How Sea Glass Gives Us Hope During the Covid19 Pandemic

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This love potion elixir (!) bottle from the 1870s (!!) spent 150 years being tossed by the sea before being found by Aussie sea glass collector [IG] @fifi_by_the_sea

I mean, wow. I’m always saying that glass is amazing, but every time I (virtually) come across one of these incredible sea glass or mud larking finds, I am blown away by the elegance and durability of everything from perfume bottles to Japanese floats.

We think of glass as being so fragile.

And yet, as sea glass collectors around the world will happily agree, the glass “trash” of many decades ago washes up on beaches, often in perfect condition or surf-softened in beautiful ways.

I think of us all as we are being tossed by this crisis. Despite our vulnerabilities, we have the strength to emerge and inspire others precisely because of our journeys.

Let this be our time to be beautifully softened.

Also: we all should be filled with love potion elixir, amiright?’ 🙂

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