Why Glass Straws Are Good for Your Teeth (Dentists: Here’s an Opportunity!)

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Glass straws aren’t just beautiful and eco-friendly. They’re better for your teeth.

You see, glass is a natural insulator, so if you suffer from tooth sensitivity while drinking hot or cold beverages, using a glass straw can significantly reduce your discomfort. Our straws are made of laboratory-grade borosilicate which has a high thermal threshold.

Receding gums? That issue can make contact with ice-cold drinks excruciating! Using a glass straw will help to keep that icy (or hot) liquid away from vulnerable gums.

Worried about tooth stains? Using a straw of any kind can keep pearly whites bright by reducing contact with coffee, tea, red wine, and other beverages that contribute to tooth discoloration.

Are you a dentist or hygienist? Talk to your patients about the benefits of using glass straws. Better yet, learn about the 3 ways to attract new dental patients using glass straws in your practice.

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