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3 Ways to Use Toma Glass Straws to Market Your Business

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Creative marketers are using ToMA glass straws to get publicity, increase sales, and inspire customer loyalty.
Here are three ways to boost your bottom line:

1) Get publicity. Glass straws for businesses are new and newsworthy. Get a feature story for your decision to go with reusable glass straws. Showcase the straws in your social media, email promotions, and other marketing campaigns. Build trust in your business and maybe even earn recognition for your efforts to be more sustainable.

2) Promote your premium cocktails or mocktails. Get started with glass straws by offering them with your high-end drinks only. Some businesses are actually giving away a glass straw with the premium cocktail they are promoting (and that they have priced accordingly.)

3) Make glass straws your signature gift. Consider glass straws as a marketing expense. Offer them as gifts to guests at your events. Give one with the first cocktail ordered post-happy hour. And at a cost of a dollar or so per glass straw, you can even sell them to raise funds for a favorite cause. Do something unexpected and memorable, and get people raving about your business.
​Of course​, you can use (and repeatedly reuse) your glass straws in your beverages without making them part of any sort of promotion or gift. It’s a great way to show your guests that you care about the environment and their experience.

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