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The One Big Problem with Going Strawless in Your Business

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Considering going strawless in your restaurant or bar?

It seems like a logical–and easy–decision for any business. It’s certainly more eco-friendly than handing out single-use straws. It saves you time and money. Plus, it’s the simplest response to a plastic straw ban.

But there’s one problem.

You see, though going strawless is easy for you, not offering a straw puts the onus on your customers to deal with your choice.

The thing is, people like using a straw. They stir with it. They sip through it. They enjoy interacting with their beverage.

So, when you don’t offer a straw, they have to deal with their diminished experience.  They have to dismantle their fully-garnished cocktail in order to drink it without a straw. They have to manage tooth sensitivity–a more common issue than you might think.

Are straws really necessary? Let’s face it: in most cases, straws are not essential. However, if you care about providing a premium experience for your guests, including a straw option is essential.

So, which straws do customers prefer?

Paper straws get the lowest ratings for getting soggy and feeling cheap.

Metal straws get too hot/cold, are a challenge for those with sensitive teeth, and it’s impossible to see if they’re clean inside.

Bamboo straws are an ecological alternative, but there are issues with residue and mold.

Hay? Avocado? Rice? Seaweed?  These are excellent options for take-out/fast food outlets, but people are starting to view all single-use straws (even compostable ones) as potential trash that doesn’t belong in their beverages.

Bottom line: The straw you choose is a statement that your customers notice.

There’s only one elegant solution that will enhance your guests’ experience: glass straws. They’re beautiful, reusable, dishwasher-safe, affordable and surprisingly durable.

How durable? They’re stronger than your stemware.

Offering reusable glass straws shows your guests that you care about both the environment and their experience.

See for yourself how even a simple glass of water is elevated by a glass straw.

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