Add Eco-Elegance to Your Salon, Spa, or Wellness Center with Glass Straws

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We provide glass straws for luxury spas, salons, wellness centers, medical spas, and attached cafes, juice bars and retail stores.

Guests are delighted to be served a chilled or hot beverage with a glass straw, making it easy to sip during facial or body treatments of all kinds. Our glass straws add [low-cost] luxury and eco-friendly elegance to the spa or wellness experience, and give guests a smooth and calming way to remain hydrated.

Please note that we always recommend keeping all glass away from pool, shower, sauna, and hydro-therapy zones. Our glass straws are best suited for use in waiting areas, treatment rooms, post-treatment lounges, and salons.

In addition, our glass straws make unforgettable gifts for clients and members. (Printable cloth drawstring bags are available, as well as custom-etched straws with your company name or logo.) At only a dollar or so each, our glass straws are a surprisingly affordable favor for event attendees, regular customers, members, or special occasions.

For establishments with a retail space, our glass straws are a highly profitable item that customers truly appreciate. Display them individually in a beautiful glass vase or jar near the cash register, or place them in a tabletop tray or basket. They regularly sell for anywhere between $3 and $15 each.

Looking for an eco-conscious way to serve your cafe or juice bar beverages? Glass straws are reusable, durable, and dishwasher-safe. Just place them in the flatware caddy of the dishwasher, and they’ll come out sparkling clean inside and out.

Because glass is a natural insulator, glass straws are a superior (and dentist-recommended) option for those who suffer from tooth sensitivity. Those who are relaxing during a facial treatment can sip without spilling their drink onto skin that is covered with a mask, exfoliant, or oil. And for those who have just had a laser treatment, anti-aging facial, lip fillers, or other dermatology procedures, glass straws make it easy to drink without discomfort or compromising the topical ointment applied.

Whether you serve them in drinks to your guests, offer them as gifts to members, reuse them in your juice bar or cafe, or sell them in your retail store, ToMA Glass Straws are a practical and impressive addition to your business.

Choose from our 25-packs in five colors and two lengths.

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