Get People Talking at Your Corporate Events and Fundraisers

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If you’re an event planner looking for a simple, low-cost way to elevate your corporate gatherings and fundraisers, consider adding glass straws to the beverages you serve, or offer them as elegant and eco-friendly gifts for guests.

Our glass straws add an element of luxury and surprise, and get people talking. Most people will have never used a glass straw before, and you can bet they’ll enjoy and remember the experience! And the buzz continues on social media (and in real life) as your guests tell others about the straws, So, in addition to reducing the waste of single-use straws, you are increasing awareness about plastic consumption.

We offer several colors and lengths to complement the beverages you serve or match your brand or theme. In addition to the straws themselves, we offer luxurious plush velveteen gift bags for the straws used as party favors. For orders of 250 bags or more, you can select from over 40 colors and choose to have a logo or name printed on the bags.

Retirement parties, end-of-year parties, product launches, conferences, awards dinners, auctions, galas, fundraisers, and corporate retreats are all occasions that can be enhanced by glass straws.

We offer the best glass straw prices in the industry, and sell our glass straws at wholesale rates to both businesses and the public. Purchase glass straws in single-color packs of 25 to create your own custom collection. At just a dollar or so, each glass straw is an inexpensive item that can make a lasting impression.

Whether you’re planning an event for 25 or 2500, we can help you select a customized glass straw collection that will elevate your event and delight your guests. Contact us at

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